Demo (2012)

by Vøid Wørship

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released July 4, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Audio Engineer Cory Fallows of Studio Aphasia, MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD:



all rights reserved


Vøid Wørship

Vøid Wørship has no interest in being identified by genre or other arbitrary and contrived classification. It is the collective ambition of Vøid Wørship to be described in terms of emotional state and elicited response: fear, sadness, and violence.

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Track Name: With Only the Groaning Nothing to Claim You
Call continents
To fall upon you
We Flee to yawning graves
And their grinning stones
Disease and decay
Coil with blood and vein
From temple to tomb

Only the groaning nothing
To claim you

Altar of concrete gray
to the green fly, red ant
Bloated temple bleached by
A swollen sun;
It dims with every rising

Only the groaning nothing
Track Name: Tie Sailor's Knots with Serpents
With serpents
I tie sailors knots
Coils of cold scales
a gaping noose

Drink venom
bleeding from fangs
of ouroboros
This Howling Malediction

Toward endless return

From seed
To blood
From death
To dust

The sum of wasted days
Spinning in endless return

Mastered by the Tyrant Serpent
Condemned to endless return.
Track Name: To Count The Ribs of the Dogs
Count the ribs of the dogs in the streets
Blessings of strays outweigh the inheritance of man
These are the days of the meek
Our cities: leper colonies

Machine oiled in blood
Ziggurats rust in arrogance—
Point to empty heaven

This is the legacy of man:
Lapped up by rats and dogs in the gutter



A rusted and bloodied


Count the ribs of the dog